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Sexology is a scientific study of human sexuality. The various other branches of sexual medicine include studying the different sexual interests, behaviour, sexual relationships, stages of sexual development and sexual functions.

Sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. The act of sex is not a duty to be performed, but it is an emotion to be cherished. This healthy sexual life requires a positive attitude to sexuality and sexual relationships and also the possibility of having pleasurable sex between the couple.

A satisfying and pleasurable sexual act comes from having good knowledge about the sexual health, sexual practices and sexual diseases.

At aura Clinic of Sexual medicine help our patients to identify their love map, which nothing but the mental pattern expressed in everyone’s sexual fantasies and practices. This love map is unique for every individual and is usually developed early before puberty. The need for Sexual happiness soon begins once these love maps are recognized by the individual. The problem in sexual health arises when these sexual fantasies are interrupted from their early pubertal age. At Aura Clinic, we spend time with our patients to listen to their sexual problems and to identify the exact cause of the sexual problem. Men and women may have different reason for their sexual problem, and so at Aura Clinic, we are engaged with multi-disciplinary approach where doctor from different specialities like Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Urology, Endocrinology and psychiatry work together as a team, to confine the diagnosis and to treat the patient accordingly.

One of the reasons for Aura Clinic to have an outstanding patient care is the compassion tied up to science that makes the treatment became effective and successful Doctors engaged with Aura Clinic are one of the leading pioneers in their speciality who are experienced in handling the patients with at most care.

Equipped with the latest and approved laboratory investigations and so on the accuracy of the diagnosis is brought to the nearest possible cause of the problem.

Dedicated Multidisciplinary Team
Using Innovative Technology
Excellent Care and Service
Accuracy based on approved laboratory investigations and interpretations

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