LGBTQ Counselling

LGBTQ Counselling in Chennai

LGBTQ Community comprises of bisexuals, lesbians, gays as well as transgenders, and other queers. They are represented by the colors of the rainbow. Sexuality and gender identity are shaped by the genetics of culture.

The people who belong to this sexuality group recognize, celebrate, and express their sexual preferences in a manner like any of the other humans around the globe.

They are a minority in a few countries where displaying their sexual preference could be considered to be a crime, and therefore they are hesitant to expose their identities to the world and feel they are in a position of inferiority in having a relationship. Being part of an LGBTQ community isn't tough. it's difficult right from the start of their lives as they begin to realize they are of a different type of sexual orientation that's not accepted by society and could be embarrassing.

They are afflicted with psychological issues, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and a feeling of being insignificant and less accepting of their own lives and those that surround them.

They are required to see Counsellors or the therapist frequently or when they feel like they are not worthy.

The LGBTQ community is still subject to discrimination and issues in society.

In the end, after years of struggling and facing discrimination, being ostracized by parents or being a part of the community due to social expectations can often result in mental health issues like depression and anxiety, addiction, issues with health, and even suicidal thoughts.

LGBTQ have also experienced a lot of harassment in their schools and colleges by non-transgender and heterosexual colleagues, and this causes many emotional traumas.

Sometimes, they are also confronted with domestic violence, physical and verbal violence, sexual assault, and bullying which can cause persistent anxiety and low mental health.

Our LGBTQ Community counselling services include:
  • Gay/ Lesbian Counselling
  • Bisexual Counselling
  • Transgender Transformation Counselling
  • Self-Acceptance Counselling
  • LGBT Parental Counselling for
LGBTQ Counselling Benefits:

  • A session with a counselor or therapist can be helpful when facing issues or crises. They can help you become aware of the situation and provide insight and information about your current issues. I strongly suggest that you seek out an expert in mental health whenever you are feeling uneasy or unsure about your situation.
  • In LGBTQ counseling sessions, one can overcome many psychological issues like social rejection, depression, the feeling of being insignificant, bullying, and numerous others.
  • Counsellors utilize group therapy where each participant in the group talks about their own experiences, and struggles and also offers suggestions for dealing with the everyday challenges they face.
  • Counsellors also employ family therapy to ensure that the entire family can accept the individual and allow them to perform their sexual behavior and express their feelings of love in a more acceptable and normal manner.
  • Counsellors employ a gender identity method to raise awareness of the individual to ensure that the client is able to accept their situation and remain in a state of well-being to lessen suicidal tendencies and prevent addiction and abuse.
  • Counsellors are also part of the process in the legislative process on behalf of the LGBTQ community, and they speak their voices for them so that the stigmas associated with the LGBTQ community are lessened and people can live their lives more in peace. Be aware that love only has one color and that's the color of love.

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