Penile Ulcer

Penile Ulcer treatment in Chennai

A penile ulcer may be found on the vulva, penis the perianal region, or the anus.
The prevalence of penile ulcers has been estimated to be approximately 20 million cases per year. The primary cause of an ulcer in the penile is dependent upon the specifics of the population and the location.
It's not unusual to experience tiny bumps or spots on your penis. However, a painful or uncomfortable sore usually is a sign of a condition that is underlying, such as a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or an immune system disorder.

Causes of Penile Ulcer:

They're typically caused by sexually transmitted diseases or STIs. This includes syphilis, herpes, and the chancroid. Genital ulcers could be caused by trauma, inflammation, or a reaction to products for the skin.
Diagnosis for Penile Ulcer in Chennai:
Diagnosing the condition may involve taking samples of the fluid coming out of the sore. For examination, these samples are sent to a laboratory. Currently, the diagnosis of chancroid is not possible through blood tests. Your doctor may also monitor your groin lymph nodes for swelling and discomfort.
It is important to note that chancroid can sometimes be difficult to diagnose by visual examination only, as it is similar to STIs such as genital herpes and syphilis.

Treatment for Penile Ulcer:

Medication: To kill bacteria that causes stomach ulcers, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. As the ulcer heals, antibiotics may also reduce scarring. Based on your medical needs, your doctor will recommend the best antibiotics for you. Your doctor will prescribe the correct doses and you should continue to take them even if your sores are improving.
Surgery: A doctor might use a needle to drain large, painful lymph nodes. Although it reduces swelling and pain, the scarring can occur.

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